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Yeah, there is a lot of more information on this page- but the key is the Fast Track book below and then Following the Workbook for 90 days.

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“Puppy Training Fast Track Guide


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Track Guide


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Bonus Ebooks
and Tools

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Crate Training Your Puppy


Housetraining CheckList

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Housebreaking a Puppy In Apartment or When It’s VERY Cold

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Clickers and Rewards
(How To Train Your
Puppy To Sit In A Flash)

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Top 10 Ways To Avoid Being
Overcharged By The Vet

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Truth About Pet Vaccines

Click Here To

Treating Your Puppy At Home For

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Limited Time

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Puppy-Owner FACT: 98.3% Of All Dog Owners Are Unknowingly Feeding Their Dog Chicken Feet… Pig Bones… And Cow Intestines, Inside Food-Products Coated With Enough Preservatives Designed To Make Their Shelf-Life Last Longer Than Your Most Recent Paint Job!

Is This New Perfect Dog Diet Too Good To Be True? Here’s What The Big Pet Food Companies DON’T Want You To Know!

Dear Puppy Lover,

     Sounds gross, but it’s true! Did you know, right now–regardless of what brand of food you buy — your puppy is wolfing spare body parts from a variety of farm animals, and with one exception, there’s not a THING you can do about it!

     And yes, even supposedly “good” foods like Eukanuba, Iams, Science Diet, and Nature’s Recipe, are absolutely LOADED with waste products and body parts! Not to mention, but just the same way you’re probably taking some sort of daily multi-vitamin and mineral tablet, there are also many critical minerals and vitamins essential to your puppy’s health, and if your puppy is not getting these nutrients (which they should be getting through their food), then ultimately their ability to effectively use ANY food you are feeding them, is rendered useless, and ultimately, their health WILL suffer.

This has been PROVEN, medically.

     Click on the video to find out more…




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