Trey and Tammy Stevens - Creators of Puppy Training Fast Track

Trey and Tammy Stevens – Creators of Puppy Training Fast Track was started by dog training author and publisher Trey Stevens

Trey is the author of the best selling internet dog training book, “How To Train My Puppy Fast Track System” as well as several dog training dvds and dog training information products for the the dog training industry.

All of the testimonials on this site are from real puppy owners who have either worked with Trey or have used his puppy training system.


Hey… I’m Trey Stevens, creator of the Puppy Training Fast Track system and I’m glad you’re here. Over here on the right you can see my beautiful wife, Tammy, and our dog, Maddie… I’ve been helping new puppy owners since 2008 and as you’ll soon realize… it is MY passion. Why?

Because if there was a mistake to make with my first 3 dogs, I made it. Making critical training mistakes in the beginning with your loving puppy causes a lot of embarrassment in the future… Wait too long and the habits are a lot tougher to stop. And sometimes you just give up. 

That’s why I love to hear the success stories of Fast Track owners who were at their wits end and almost ready to throw in the towel and then to see them turnaround to truly have a new best friend in their dog.

But this wasn’t always the case… in fact, I was sitting right where you are… looking for something to help Max and I stay together… and not have to give him up. But you’ll hear more about that later. So, check out our website and thanks again for stopping by.





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