I spent so much of my time trawling through the various lakes full of information, I figured that probably just about everybody else was doing the same as well. And I was right. That’s when I got my brilliant idea for the system, How To Train My Puppy Fast Track System. To be able to find the right information that you need under one roof…

So I set out to create a complete system that combines everything I had learned and put it in one easy place…without the fluff and filler of other ‘systems’.

Just the facts you need to help get your puppy trained fast.

“I have only been using your system for
2 days and I’m seeing a difference already!”


Emily-shihtzu puppyTrey,

I wanted to let you know I’ve only been using your system for 2 days and I’m seeing a difference already!!

I had a shih tzu puppy that had started nipping and biting a bit too hard. She’d become overly aggressive and just was not a joy to have around because on top of dealing with that we were also trying to housebreak her.

Well in desperation I downloaded your book. I immediately started to use your methods for the nipping and biting. Well you were right on. She has significantly cut down on the nipping and biting.

Thank you for the help with my puppy. Great advice so far and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

-Leann Griffis
Valdosta, Ga
Individual results may very



“My friends and family are amazed… Only 7 days… he’s already housebroken!”


Gunny-My-10wk-Old-LabYour book is amazing! We have only had our 10 week old lab puppy for 7 days. He is already housebroken and crate trained!

My friends and family are amazed. We have a new house and a new puppy, what were we thinking!

With your help we can now enjoy both!

A million thank yous are in order for making this training so easy on both us and our puppy!

You Rock!

-Trudi & John Collier
Navarre, FL.
Individual results may vary


“I was looking at a much tougher job… but you made it quite simple.”

Thanks Trey. My puppy is a 4 month old Shih-tzu and I have read all the reports that you have sent…

The crate is great for her and I have her potty trained and almost stopped the jumping up on people and chewing on things she shouldn’t.

I was looking at a much tougher job in getting her to do all those things but you have made it quite simple..

She is a real joy to have around and a lot of company for me during the day.

You see, I’m an elderly woman raising a great grandson. He is 7 and has worked with the puppy with me. He loves her so much and I laugh a lot watching the two of them play..


Again thanks..

Sylvia Campbell, Lagrange, OH
Individual results may vary


Nice comments from my friends “down under”…



“It’s always nice to find good, honest, information that’s easy to read, easy to
understand and easy to implement-
even for my 12 year old daughter.”

Hi Trey,

I read your system I purchased with great enthusiasm and my husband and daughter have as well.

We are so pleased with our new puppy and since putting your instructions into practice we have had 3 days with no mishaps inside!


He is only 9 weeks old and is a chihuahua/mini schnauzer. He is tiny!! He will even go out on the wet grass to pee. We also have an older chihuahua/mini foxie “Badger” that is loving our new addition.

It’s always nice to find good, honest, information that’s easy to read, easy to understand and easy to implement- even for my 12 year old daughter.

I appreciate the no frills approach you have (it suits an Australian down to the ground) as well as no pressure to buy anything else so it winds up costing you as much for reading material as it did for the dog.

Thanks again it has helped save my marriage!



-Kim Hart
Roseworthy, Australia

Individual results may vary

“She has already done both #1 & #2
outside in her designated spot…”

Just wanted to let you know we have had our brand new puppy for four (4) hours now, and she has already done both number one’s & two’s outside in her designated spot.

We are doing exactly as you have said, and I must say, I think you may be a genius! Mind you, this is a 10 week old puppy, so not bad at all considering it hasn’t even been one day!!

Wishing you the best from Australia Trey, have a good one! I shall tell as many people as i possibly can about about you.

– Penny Snow
Victoria, Australia
Individual results may vary



“I Had Rascal Potty Trained In 3 Days!”

Trey –

 I would like to thank you. I have had a few puppies in my life, but never like this.Puppies are so darn sweet (looking) and they usually stink to High Heavens! I wind up losing my patience and getting rid of the poor thing because I have never been able to potty train one.

With your system, I had my shih tzu (Rascal) potty trained in 3 days!

My husband was totally impressed!

I could not believe it! My husband and I bought Rascal on the 26th … bought the system on the the 27th and he was trained by the morning of the 30th.

What a satisfying experience! Thank you again so very much!

 I know you’re busy and I’m not sure if you will actually get this e-mail, but I would love to hear back to know that you understand how much I really appreciate the system.


Thanks again –


– Amanda Kimble
Lebanon, TN
Individual results may vary


My Secrets Of Puppy Training


Discover How You Can:

  • Potty train your puppy in hours
  • Stop the biting, barking & whining
  • Stop him from being overly aggressive


Here’s a small sample of what’s inside this fast track system:



    • Crate Potty Training: The A To Z Step-By-Step Report (bonus report)


    • The one word that can stop your puppy from biting. And it’s not “NO!” or “Stop!”


    • Leave your puppy home alone without worrying what happens to the furniture while you’re gone.


    • Let your dog roam freely throughout the house and know you won’t step in a surprise in the middle of the night. Allow your dog to protect you at night instead of being locked in a ‘safe place’.


    • Stop wasting your time and money cleaning up after your dog. Learn these easy techniques and finally enjoy your puppy instead of getting so frustrated and disappointed with her.


    • My secret cleaning formula to use when she has an accident on the carpet.
    • How to easily crate train your puppy and know his limitations from the beginning… including what schedule you should use.


    • How to set the rules from the beginning and keep your house off limits to peeing.




This just scratches the surface of what’s in the system. I’ve included fast training techniques for virtually every situation!



    • How giving your puppy everything he whines for will sabotage the relationship before it gets started.


    • How to clean up the messes without making a bigger mess in the future. This one will surprise you.


    • Don’t make this vital mistake when he’s barking or you’re in for some nasty phone calls from the neighbors…


    • How to accelerate your housetraining with these powerfully effective tactics you can use whether you’re training inside or out…


    • How to train your puppy to SIT on command… sometimes in days… if not hours. This one could save his life in the future.


    • How to use the ‘pack mentality’ to your favor and come out on top. This helps in every area whether it is sleeping, eating or even taking a walk. YOU will be the Alpha Dog on purpose. And from this day forward your puppy looks to you for guidance and leadership.


    • How to use the leash to help with the potty training. No it’s not as easy as taking a walk.


    • Why you should NEVER give in to your puppy… at least in the beginning.


  • The Greatest Rewards for your puppy won’t cost you a red cent.


    • One of the biggest mistake puppy owners make when playing games with their puppy.




    • How to stop your puppy from jumping on you and knocking you down and getting you dirty. This one’s important with kids around.


    • The pros and cons of paper training your puppy.


    • Why you should never strike your puppy and the consequences of not heeding this warning!


    • The perfect times to feed your dog and what should follow minutes after the meal. Be ready for this one.


    • The way K9 units teach their dogs to stop barking on demand.


    • The commands you should give your dog. Most experts fail at this miserably.


    • Learn how to housebreak your puppy… every possible question you could have- we’ve answered.


    • What is obedience training and how to implement it.


    • Many puppies become overweight. Learn the proper diet for your dog. These quick & simple checklists that will have you with a healthier dog in no time.


    • How to spot allergies in your puppy.


    • When to vaccinate your pet and what vaccinations he needs.


    • The BIG mistake when cage training your puppy. (99% do this wrong.)


    • Puppy Housetraining Checklist (special bonus report)


    • Clickers and how to use them. (special bonus report)


    • . . .and much, much more!



Think about it…

You Get The Instant Downloadable eBook

When you order your copy of ‘How To Train My Puppy Fast Track System’ today, you instantly get the book in two different formats:

(This is what it would look like if you printed it out... but that's not needed... you can read it on your screen)

(This is what it would look like if you printed it out… but that’s not needed… you can read it on your screen)

Downloadable eBook. You can be reading “How To Train My Puppy” in as little as 2 minutes from right now (even if it’s 2am on a Sunday!). My automated system will deliver your copy as a downloadable PDF file (which can be read on any computer, laptop, iPad, Kindle or Nook).


With this ‘so-simple-you’ll-be-delighted’ system, you’ll be on your way to fixing your puppy problems right away. The best part is that you’ll have it as soon as you order, because you’ll download it right onto your computer safely and easily.

I’m sure that right about now, you’re wondering…

How Much Does The System Cost?

The real question to ask is: how much is it worth to get the right training to help stop those messy accidents and bad habits?

I suppose you could do what most people do — just “make it up as you go”, and use the “trial and error” method. Hope for a result. But while you’re doing that- he’s on the go… Going on everything… and you’re allowing some hard to break nasty bad habits to evolve.

But why not take advantage of the experience and knowledge I’ve put into this simple system? Frankly, given the amount of time I spent researching this and the expertise you are receiving, a price of $79.95 for my system would be fair .  But if you respond right away, your investment in the entire system is not $79.95, not $69.95, not even $49.95…


“I was beginning to think we’d made
a mistake… But today we have a
different dog…”


I have had many dogs over the years and this is the first time we have had a small dog (Bichon Frise).

I was getting very frustrated at not being able to toilet train him, he was biting and not coming when we called him.

I was beginning to think we had made a mistake as my new carpet was getting destroyed by urine stains. When I started reading your book last night, everything you said was exactly how we were feeling and what we were experiencing.

You have written it in such an easy to read format that makes so much sense. We started immediately to put some of the things you suggested into action and today we have a different dog.

-Jenny Nahuysen
Queensland, Australia
Individual results may vary


I’m sure you’ll agree this is an incredible bargain. But first…

…you also get these bonuses when you order today:


petmedicalcovermedFree Special Bonus: Pet Medical Recorder is a simple to use software tool which generates a set of special forms to allow you to keep track of all your pets medical and treatment information.

 Keeps record of vaccinations, worming and flea control.. at a glance you’ll see when the treatment needs repeating.

It will also record details of any medicines that your pet needs to take, general medical history, vet contact details, immunizations and health insurance details.

Use Pet Medical Recorder to generate forms to keep tabs on as many animals as you want, all with just a few button clicks.

Now you can keep on top of your pet’s medication and treatment the easy way with your copy of Pet Medical Recorder

Your copy of Pet Medical Recorder comes with our special collection of two special treat ebooks, packed with a total of over 200 special treat recipes.


(Total Value $29.95- Yours FREE)
Easy-Crate-TrainingFree Special Bonus: Easy Crate Training 

    • How to deal with a “dirty dog” from the pet store… and why is he dirty…


    • The #1 Key to house training with a crate


    • The reason why we have TWO crates at home and especially why they are totally different.


    • 5 Tips to making your puppy’s crate the most comfortable..


    • 7 Reasons why your puppy is urinating in his crate… and how to solve each one.


    • Whining in the crate at night CAN be solved almost every time with this ONE common household item


    • NEVER… put this on your puppy in a crate… NEVER


    • The Top 2 places to put your puppy’s crate in your house… and WHY…


  • and much, much more!


(Total Value $29.95- Yours FREE)

Free Special Bonus:  Dog Bite Prevention- The Ultimate Way To Teach Your Dog NOT to Bite


Learn the most common mistakes dog owners make that may promote aggression, and how to avoid them. You’ll know how to help your dog develop good behavior and become the best friend of man that you always imagined your dog would be.


  • How to recognize warning signs your dog gives before biting and how to remove potential triggers. You’ll learn how to sense your dog’s behavior even before your dog reacts aggressively!

  • Little known warning signs your dog gives before biting. What you can do immediately when you recognize any of these signs.

  • Discover 7 reasons why your puppy and older dogs bite and how to prevent this behavior.

  • 11 rules for buying a puppy. Learn from mistakes most dog owners make in choosing a puppy. How to evaluate your environment and put other conditions into consideration in order to have a best dog that suits you and your home.

  • Uncover the little known secret that top dog trainers use when rehabilitating dogs using positive reinforcement training techniques.

(Total Value $24.95- Yours FREE)



Free Special Bonus: Your Guide To Your Older Dog


If you’ve adopted or rescued an older dog then this ebook is for you.

What’s the ONE schedule that you absolutely must change once your dog gets to be about 7 or 8 years old?

How can you best help your older dog cope with forgetfulness?

How to adapt to your older dog’s failing vision so she can still play with you and be happy?

How long can you expect your particular breed of dog to live if you give her the care and attention she needs in her older years?

What are the symptoms of Cancer in a dog, and how likely is it that your dog will be stricken?

(Total Value: $29.95- Yours FREE)



Free Special Report: Housebreaking a Puppy When You Live in An Apartment OR Its VERY Cold Outside

 When you live in an apartment and are unable to house train outside… or not able to because you’re on the top floor or physically not able… then this report is for YOU!

Discover our “Fast Track Hybrid Method”. Using indoor pads has never been easier.



(Total Value: $19.95- Yours FREE)



Unlimited Online Support: When you come on board with me, I’ll be with you for the long haul in continuing to find ways to make the program better, more complete, and easier to follow. If new editions of the e-book are released, you will receive all e-book updates absolutely free. That is one of the awesome benefits of e-books.

If a new edition of a hard copy book is released, you have to go to the bookstore or amazon.com and buy it all over again! Not so with ebooks. When a new, updated edition is released, you get it for FREE! It’s easy – I will simply contact you through my private clients-only newsletter and send you instant download instructions so you’ll stay totally up to date on the latest training techniques…

(Total Value: $67.00- Yours FREE)



(Total Value Of Bonuses $201.75)


Ok, here comes the satisfaction guarantee that I said you have probably never seen before… See if I’m right.


“Rock-Solid 8-Week
Unconditional Guarantee”

My personal promise to you:

If you are not happy with “How To Train My Puppy Fast Track System” for any reason, I don’t want to keep your money.

In fact, I’ll even go one step further- I will give you a full refund if your puppy is not potty trained in less than 2 weeks…

That’s how confident I am that this will work for you.

You simply cannot lose. It’s easy to order…





“He has not made one accident
in these 5 days…”

Trey, I just wanted to let you know that it is going very well with potty training my yorkie, Gizmo. After 5 days he started running to the potty pad by himself.

He has not made one accident in these 5 days, and if we do not see him doing his business on the right place he barks to call us to show off his good behaviour, and to claim his treat. This is so cute!

I could not believe how fast this works. Literally 5 days. Gizmo gets up at 5am in the mornings, and is then left alone in the living room to play by himself – not even then does he make a mistake. He is only 9 weeks old.

I know that there might be some more mistakes around the house, but this is a huge improvement. And applying some of your other tips Gizmo can now sit when receiving his food, kiss and beg. Next week we will start bite prevention training as he is quite fond of chewing.

I have been starting to think that my dog is just superbly intelligent, that is why he learns so quickly, but I must give you some credit too!

– Karlé le Roux
New Zealand
Individual results may vary


“The steps worked, and worked
much faster than the 2 weeks…”



I’ve got to be honest with you. I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never bought anything over the internet and was a little scared. I didn’t know what an ebook was. But I was desperate.

Overall the transaction was smooth and well explained. And you were right. The steps worked, and worked much faster than the 2 weeks. Thank you for standing behind your product. It’s not the norm these days.

– Chester B.
Fayetteville, AR.
Individual results may vary


“Your tactics work great, 3 days
and house broken!”



"My wife, Amy, picking up Tess from the breeder..."

“My wife, Amy, picking up Tess from the breeder…”


My new puppy is just amazing, and is so well trained that it baffle’s me how smart she is.

Her name is Tess and has great blood lines from her breeder, Chocolate Lab by the way.

Your tactics work great, 3 days and house broken!
 The commands sit stay come down, heal all done within a week, everyone is just absolutely amazed. She is just a blast to have, the training is fun and rewarding.


Thanks so much!

– Bill & Amy Whittington
Annapolis, MD
Individual results may vary




“Enjoying our puppy because we
had the right training ourselves…”

Good morning Trey! I just wanted to let you know that the puppy training is really coming along!

We have an amazing little guy that we are enjoying more and more each day. He’s 18 weeks and almost completely potty trained…not to mention… he is coming now when I command him to! 🙂

Thank you again for all of your help. It was well worth the purchase. My husband and I are enjoying our puppy because we had the right training ourselves.

-Vicki Bramer
Individual results may vary


“We NEVER had a puppy do like this one…”

We got our new puppy yesterday and already your training method is starting to work! She started going outside on the first day and the 2nd day she has been going only outside too!

Your system is wonderful. I think we will break a record in training our little puppy!

I know we have a lot of training still ahead – but believe me when I say we NEVER had a puppy do like this one.

Shirley Fiorucci
Interlachen, FL.
Individual results may vary

“I am very pleased with the results…
it was money well spent!!”

"Buddy... My 9 wk old Havanese"

“Buddy… My 9 wk
old Havanese”

I do appreciate your emails, and your book, as well as the other books I received.

I am very pleased with the results with Buddy, and I must say it was money well spent!!

Keep up the great work, and remember me when you have another special offer.


– Kenny Ellington
Brownsville, TN.
Individual results may vary







Don’t forget – you have up to 2 whole months…

But even if you decide to return it… you get to keep all of the bonus gifts.



If you order the system right now, you get your copy for only $39.95. This is my discounted price (50% off $79) and may go up at any time.PLEASE (I’m asking nicely!) do not email me and get upset if you try and order after today and I am no longer accepting orders at this special HALF-PRICE DISCOUNT.


Special BONUS




    • Basic puppy training issues that you MUST understand before training even begins. (see page 6)


    • The absolutely essential puppy training tools that can cut your training time in half! (see page 8)


    • Simple house-breaking tips and tricks(see page 12)


    • Fast-track training using the power of consistency, praise and rewards. (see page 17)


    • How to stop your puppy from exhibiting the worst behavior like:Digging in the yard


    • Jumping up on your visitors


    • Uncontrolled urination in the house


    • Stealing food from the table


    • Chasing moving vehicles


    • Unnecessary biting


    • Chewing on furniture and shoes


    • Uncontrolled barking and whining (see page 20)


    • How to master the basic commands of sit, stay, come, down and heel. (see page 49)


    • How to keep your puppy safe and healthy when she travels. (see page 52)


    • The one thing you should never do when your puppy makes a “mess” on the floor.

How to think like your puppy thinks. (see page 56) 

And much, much more!

 (Total Value $37.00- Yours FREE!)


Order Your Own Personal Copy Of 
“How To Train My Puppy”
 Fast Track System Right Now


YES! I want to learn how to train my puppy and stop the behavior problems… please give me INSTANT ACCESS to my instant downloadable copy of How To Train My Puppy right now…


  I understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server, and once it is processed, I will be able to immediately download my eBook (electronic book)… even if it’s 2am on a Sunday.
  I understand I will also get $201.75 worth of additional bonuses that will supplement the information in the system and help me solve my puppy problems… and they are mine to keep even if I return the Fast Track system.
  I understand that I have 60 days (8 weeks) to test each and every bit of information in your system and if I am not 100% thrilled with ‘How To Train My Puppy’ and the methods don’t work, I can send you an email and get a full refund.

The instant my order is approved,
I’ll download my copy of the system.



It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00 a.m. in the morning!

Note: The secure order form on the next page will look like this:

Privacy Policy

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose…

…and imagine the joy of a Well-Behaved Puppy.






P.S. Remember, I’m only offering the special price of $39.95 (regularly $79.95) for a limited time! Since this is your first time to my website and I’ve just released the online version of this system- I want your success story… and your feedback. I only guarantee you’ll receive all the bonuses if you order right away. 

P.P.S. – If you have an untrained puppy or even an older dog, your worst enemy is time… and wrong training…



“Two full days with NO accidents at all”

Boots in strollerWe have success!

Our Boots is only 10 weeks old. I have used your method exclusively since I brought Boots home.

We have had him for two and a half weeks now.

Boots has now had two full days with NO accidents at all. First thing in the morning was a nightmare for quite a while, but now he sits and waits in the crate.

He then goes outside and immediately does what he needs to do! Trey, I LOVE your method. Thanks so much for sharing it with me. I am so pleased!!

I know there are occasionally bound to be little accidents, but even when it is raining he uses the training pad instead of messing on the floor.

I will spread the news about your book to anyone that will listen to me!


Christine Murphy
Ontario, Canada
Individual results may vary


“We were doing some things
right but mostly wrong”



We are now on our 3rd day with our 13 week old Mi-Ki.Mi-ki

We have not had a dog in 15 yrs. and forgot what it is like to train a little one. We have had her about 5 weeks now and we were doing some things right but mostly wrong.

Your suggestions are working like a charm.

She took right to the schedule and is happy as a lark. We are sooooo pleased. She has not had one mistake.

The only mishaps have been when she gets excited she leaks just a little. I’m sure time will take care of that. Her wellness visit was great.

She is just a little fur ball and my husband is in love. We have two cats and a bird and they all do just fine. I have already told two people about you that have new puppies.

And I have to say we were beginning to get frustrated before finding you online.

Thank you so much. You have helped us get on track and she is a blessing to us.

Bunny Barron
Little Rock, AR
Individual results may vary



“Last night was the best night
in a month…”



After reading your book, last night was the best night in a month with our new dog.

He is 16 weeks old and the leash training is wonderful. It was the first night that I was finally in control of the dog, not the other way around.

He is a wonderful pet and I am confident this training will be well worth it. We had no inside accidents last night.

Thanks for the great ideas.

-Mary J.,
Olmsted Falls, OH
Individual results may vary


“Told our vet about your website…
he’s going to pass it along to other
clients having similar problems”

I really want to thank you as so far some of your ideas for house training seem to working, in fact I even told our vet about your web site today and he was very interested and said he’s going to pass it along some other clients having similar problems.

We have a 16 week old mini long haired doxie and a 10 1/2 year old mini doxie. The puppy is Wally and the older one is Willie.

For the past 3 days we have not had one accident in the house after making some changes.

Thank you so much and I pray it continues to work….

– Kathy S.
Buffalo, NY
Individual results may vary



“Haven’t had an accident for over 24 hours…”

This works. I’ve successfully house trained many dogs but NOT this fast.

We have had our puppy 3 days and we haven’t had an accident for over 24 hours now.  He is already starting to pull me (since he is attached to my belt loop) to the door to go out.

Thank you

-Eileen H.,
Boulder, CO
Individual results may vary


“We now have a PLAN and are enjoying
the new member of the family”



I wanted to take a minute to thank you so much. Recently my husband and I purchased an Australian Sheppard. We have 4 children age 7 and under.

In the first 48 hours, I could tell this was going to be a strain on the marriage and the family, instead of what should be a fun step for us (especially the kids).

I decided to try and “grab this bull by the horns” before it got way out of control. I immediately jumped online and found your site. My husband hesitated at the idea of us purchasing your system (as he normally does…”I can do this..” attitude…haha).

But he then said, “I don’t care, do what you want.” So I did. I then continued to read your book to my husband for the next hour and a half.

While I was putting the kids to bed he left and quickly bought a collar and leash and came home with a 180 degree change in attitude about “the dog”.

We now have a PLAN and are enjoying the new member of the family. Thank you for all your advice and help. It was more than worth it!



– The Wiggins Family
Clarksville, TN
Individual results may vary



“I was amazed at the initial success”



Brought a 10 week old pup home from the shelter last night, read your Fast Track and implemented it immediately.

I was amazed at the initial success.

I have owned 5 dogs so far in my life and house broke every one of them. No method that I used in the past looked to have as much promise for early success as your program.

Thanks for your time and for a very well written, plain English, straight to the d%&$ point, program. Worth the money.

– Brendan Hegeman
Delray Beach, FL.

Individual results may vary



“Not having to constantly watch her
and worry what she is doing…”



Thank you!! Oh my gosh, we got our black lab pup last Wed. night and by Thurs. night/Friday morning I was ready to give her back and let them keep the money!

Saturday I downloaded your program and I can’t tell you how much it has helped already, especially where the crate training is involved. Zoe is 10 weeks old and we actually slept through the night last night!!!!:)

She is doing great with the housebreaking. Not having to constantly watch her and worry what she is doing has been a great sense of relief.

Thanks again.

– Barbara Anderson
Birmingham, AL.

Individual results may vary


“One of the best investment
I’ve ever made…”


Graci is turning out to be a really, really good girl, thanks to your training tips!

Graci comes home
They have been so helpful and give us so much more enjoyment from our
new dog.

Your system is one of the best investments I have ever made, and both my husband and I have owned dogs prior to Graci.

She just requires extra training and consistency, which your system has helped us with.


Best Regard,

-Jeanne H.
N. Massapequa, NY

Individual results may vary


“I would have never believed it
had I not experienced it myself…”



I just wanted to stop by and tell you how amazed I am.

Our boxer puppy (8 weeks old this past Tuesday) has been with us for ONE week tomorrow and he is already potty-trained! He actually goes to the back door, paws it and whines!

I would have never believed it had I not experienced it myself!

Not only that, but each night he has awakened later and later, today he awoke at 5:30 a.m. (after last outside potty at 9:50 p.m. the night before!)

I can say honestly, your book has truly become my “Puppy ‘Bible’” and, as  with the actual Bible, as long as you follow it, you can’t go wrong!

I’ve never had a puppy trained this quickly! A exceptionally good buy! Sorry, I can’t stop talking about it! Tomorrow I will begin work on separating because I don’t think I can take him to church with me on Sunday!


Debra Colgrove
Bells, TN.
Individual results may vary


“RESERVED for your picture
& Success Story…”


A download link will be sent to your email instantly.