“We are so pleased with the results!”

I want to compliment you on your “dog whisperer “ approach.

The puppy, 12 week old PBGV, “General Beauregarde”, while looking like an angel, is a little closer to “Hell’s Angels”…dog-whiserer

…your comments are educational and entertaining even to old troupers , having raised many dogs; we still enjoyed the directness and technique in the training tips.

“Beau“ has improved markedly in just one week: goes to the door when he feels the call, and goes into his crate in the bedroom on his own.

Today, we left him alone in his crate for the first time…took your advice on how to leave and how to return…worked perfectly!

I could go on and on because we are so pleased with the results.

Thanks again.


“It’s always nice to find good, honest, information that’s easy to read, easy to understand and easy to implement – even for my 12 year old daughter.”

Hi Trey,

I read your system I purchased with great enthusiasm and my husband and daughter have as well.

My daughter holding Badger and our new chihuahua/ mini-schnauzer

My daughter holding Badger and our new chihuahua/

We are so pleased with our new puppy and since putting your instructions into practice we have had 3 days with no mishaps inside!

He is only 9 weeks old and is a chihuahua/mini schnauzer. He is tiny!! He will even go out on the wet grass to pee. We also have an older chihuahua/mini foxie “Badger” that is loving our new addition.

It’s always nice to find good, honest, information that’s easy to read, easy to understand and easy to implement- even for my 12 year old daughter.

I appreciate the no frills approach you have (it suits an Australian down to the ground) as well as no pressure to buy anything else so it winds up costing you as much for reading material as it did for the dog.

Thanks again it has helped save my marriage!



“I was beginning to feel that I may have failed my puppy, (Wooki), before we had even began a relationship!”

Hello Trey, I haven’t written to thank you yet on the information you have been flooding my way, so, Thank you Trey!

I bought my little puppy and in the first week felt myself overwhelmed and well in over my head.

What was I thinking. It had been 16 yrs since last I had a puppy, and boy was I feeling the loss of experience there. So in a desperate act for help I begin to investigate online.

I was beginning to feel that I may have failed my puppy,(Wooki), before we had even began a relationship.

Then I found your site online by way of other people writing about you.

I bought your book and began to read immediately!

Suddenly, I was no longer overwhelmed, even better yet, I felt pressure lifted and my confidence back in such a hurry that I wondered how I could I’ve been freaked out! Although she is not top notch with her potty training, I feel like she is the smartest little puppy in the whole world.

So thank you Trey, keep up the puppy work!

“Finally… Finally… Finally… she let us sleep the entire night through”


Hi Trey! I read your book yesterday and started implementing your tips right away.shihtzu puppy training

Finally Finally Finally my 9 wk shitzu/bichon has stopped crying in her crate and has let us sleep the entire night through.

Thank you so much!!!

You are awesome! thank you so much, I was ready to pull my hair out!


No problems with accidents at home or work…


Hey Trey,

Thought I’d give you an update…
Cooper is doing well… we are having no problems with accidents at home or work…, she’ll wait till I get back at go.. so she has started to trust that when I’m not around, i will be back to let her out…Cooper-Dog-Training
She is starting to go to the designated area without a leash… however, sometimes while we are hanging out together in the backyard, she will miss the area a little, but its not like she can see a boundary line… she doesn’t ‘go potty’ just anywhere in the backyard which is the big plus.

She is responding well to commands and sits whenever meeting new people.

Also, thought I’d attach a photo of another of your great advice success stories…

Thank you so much,


“I could not imagine ever achieving full housebroken status… yet 3 days later…”



Thank you so much for making the “Fast Track” available to the public. I have been crate training all along, but having little success with potty training because of a few key mistakes in my tactics.

Establishing the “pack mentality” helped tremendously, as well. I am so much closer to the “puppies”, too. And I find myself using this mentality in a general way with my toddlers, TOO!

It is very good for us, because our “pack leader” (my husband) is on active military duty stateside and travels a lot.

I could not imagine ever achieving full housebroken status with our 2 year old rescued mini daschund Sadie and 7 month old maltese-chihuahua Macy, yet 3 days after starting your program and correcting my errors, we are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and they are obeying some commands, like “stay” as well.

Sadie has stopped her high emotion incontinence, and acts more confident too! Now I am wishing I had purchased your obedience training product, too!

Thanks Again, Trey! Keep up the great service you are doing for dogs and their owners everywhere.

“She now sleeps… with NO whining!”


I just wanted to let you know that you have been a huge help!!

I bought Belle (Bichon/Poodle) when she was 9 weeks.

She would potty all over the house even though I would take her out every 20 minutes or so. She’d sleep at the foot of our bed because her whining would keep us (and our 1 year old) up
all night. She now sleeps…..with NO whining! 

I bought this less than a week ago and Belle has not gone potty inside in 48 hours and she will scratch at the door to go out! Thanks! I attached a picture of Belle and one of our other dogs.


“She sits at the door and waits until we’ve given her permission with ‘okay outside’.” 

Dear Trey,

Thanks so much for all your “help” via ebooks and emails. . . it has made a big difference for our 12 week old Cocka-poo 
~ Sofie.

We brought her home and began crate training her but found that there were so many conflicting pieces of advice.

I went online immediately and looked for a common sense approach. I was delighted to find your system and have found it to be especially helpful.Kara-and-Sofie

She has not had any accidents for 10 days and goes immediately to her “restroom” when we take her outside. She sits at the door and waits until we’ve given her permission with “okay outside”. We are delighted.

Thanks so much . . . 

I’ll be recommending your site to our breeder and anyone else who is in the puppy stage of life.


“I have only been using your system for 2 days and I’m seeing a difference already!”


I wanted to let you know I’ve only been using your system for 2 days and I’m seeing a difference already!! Emily

I had a shih tzu puppy that had started nipping and biting a bit too hard. She’d become overly aggressive and just was not a joy to have around because on top of dealing with that we were also trying to housebreak her.

Well in desperation I downloaded your book. I immediately started to use your methods for the nipping and biting. Well you were right on. She has significantly cut down on the nipping and biting.

Thank you for the help with my puppy. Great advice so far and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

“My friends and family are amazed… Only 7 days… he’s already housebroken”


Your book is amazing! We have only had our 10 week old lab puppy for 7 days. He is already housebroken and crate trained!

Gunny- My 10wk old Lab

Gunny- My 10wk old Lab

My friends and family are amazed. We have a new house and a new puppy, what were we thinking!

With your help we can now enjoy both!

A million thank yous are in order for making this training so easy on both us and our puppy!

You Rock!