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Puppy Hilariously Sneaks Up On His Toy In The Hallway

There’s something to be said about being extra cautious as we go about our day. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!Of course, it can also be easy to take that a little too farand find yourself in […]

NYPD Officer Rescues Kitten From A Scary Situation

Here at LittleThings, were all committed animal lovers. We absolutely adore seeing a wild animal enjoying nature, or a happy pet surrounded by loving humans! This is especially true if the animal in question has had a rough start in […]

Sweet Gigantic Dog Loves To Visit Grandmas House

No matter how big or small a dog is, they can never contain their happiness whenever they see a human that they love. Weve seen it with this pup seeing his military dad coming home after being overseas or this […]

Officer Helps Save A Puppy Stranded On The Highway

Police officers are often the first individuals we think can help us in emergencies. They don’t just protect us from harm or violence. They have also been known to deliver babies, buy homeless individuals a much-needed pair of shoes, and […]